Oldest Stardoll Member EVER.

Sunday, August 15, 2010 16 Awesome Comments
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The oldest Stardoll member EVER? She's been a member since 2OO2. Skye87 is probably the oldest and still active members on Stardoll. It's quite amazing actually. My theory is that she knows the owner of Stardoll, and she invited her to join when it was first created.

16 Awesome Comments:

  • leny said...

    Stardoll was created in 2004 and went by the name Paperdoll Heaven. In 2006 it had a huge makeover including the name change to Stardoll. It is impossible for her to be a member since 2002.

  • saoirse sherry said...

    Paper doll heaven is made by stardoll. And it was a different name in 2002 look up paper heaven and the logo says: Paper heaven and then in small writing it says: made by stardoll. The reason it says made in 2006 is because it had a huge makeover including the name changing it to stardoll so stardoll was the same game as before but changing the name so they creators decided to say well we changed in 2006 including the name so basicly it was made in 2006 so stardoll (with a different name) in 2002 had the same plan like so you had a doll and you could dress him/her up! So stardoll (with a different name) was around in 2006

  • Lia :3 said...

    She can't be the oldest!
    If she signed up in 2002,and she is the 337095 member,then HOW the 3rd member signed up in 2005 ?
    It has NO logic ! Her year is probably hacked :/

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