How to Get MORE clubs

Monday, August 30, 2010 0 Awesome Comments

ok so here are my clubs, i have 6 in total but i can have more, today i deleted 2 so i have 4 now.
do you wanna no how to get more than 3 clubs?
dont worry, this works for non-superstars as well. but you need to have over 200 starpoints.
ok so....

1) download google chrome, internet explorer or mozilla firefox
2) log onto your stardoll account
3) go to clubs page
4) join ANY club
5) once you join the club click create a club
6) create your club
7) if you want you can now unjoin the club you joined

for more clubs make sure you log out and log back in then repeat steps 2 - 7

have fun, but remember LOG OUT WHEN YOU CREATE ONE!!! lol
normally thats the part where everyone gets it wrong.

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