How to have a smokin hot night out look.

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Follow these steps and your doll will look more good looking than before. Not that none of your dolls arnt good looking but this will get you guys going for the night.
First Step:Try to get a short hairstyle, for ex the bob head.
Second Step:With the color of hair im using you should get a black eyebrow color. So it can bring out your eyes.
Third Step:The white eyeshadow will help your eyes pop out.
Fourth Step: Adding a dark color will give it a more night out look.
Fith Step:Always apply mascara to achieve the best results.
Sixth Step:Try the tall mascara to get more longer lashes.
Seventh Step:Adding an eyeliner that goes with the dark eyeshadow you have will enhance your eye.
Eighth Step:Adding a skin color blush will show off your cheekbones more.
Ninth Step:Apply a lip color only in the top lip to give a intresting look.
Tenth Step:Apply a lighter shade below the lip to finish off the look.
Elevnth Step:You got yourself a smokin hot look! Now go show it off to the world! :]

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