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this is just a random topic about Lady Gaga's outfits
as a fan i like her music so much and i got 2 admit that she is a fashion freak (in a good way)
so i'll show u guys how 2 become a fashion freak 2 :)
Outfit #1
most of this outfit is from 1 shop , Stardoll . and 99 % of is 4 non SS members , the Gaga glasses is the only SS item here
i got
Black bra from Fallen Angel = 5$ (non SS)
High waistead skirt from Stardoll = 5$ (non SS)
Basic nude pumps from Stardoll = 4$ (non SS)
Stardoll bracelet from Stardoll = 3$ (non SS)
Shoping sport bag from Bisou = 5$ (non SS) or u can get the White canvas bag from basics for 2$
** u can also use the Gaga glasses from Splendid = 6$ (ss only) for more Gaga look **

Outfit #2
4 this 1 there was some choses so u can pick whatever u like
Skirt from Stardoll = 4$ (non SS)
Zahng Tube top from Voile = 5$ (non SS)
Alessandra top from Rio = 4$ (non SS)
Heart bustier frock from Bisou = 7$ (SS only)
Ruffled basic frock from Bisou = 8$ (SS only)
Gala gloves from Voile = 3$ (non SS)
gloves from Voile = 2$ (non SS)
Ribbon belt from Bisou = 3$ (non SS)
Shoes from Rio = 4$ (non SS)
Blond hair bow from Splendid = 6$ (SS only)
Pop sunglasses from Spendid = 4$ (non SS)
outfit #3
i really like this 1 it's probably my fav ^_^
2 get this look u should buy :
Boyfriend's jacket from Stardoll = 4$ (non SS)
Basic top from Bisou = 5$ (non SS)
DIY slashed pantes from Bisou = 8$ (SS only)
Cross necklace from Fallen Angel = 3$ (non SS)
Ladies Stiletto heels from Voile = 5$ (non SS)
Hepburn shades from Spendid = 5$ (non SS)

outfit #4
the 2009 Marc Jacobs woa worn once by Lady gaga and it was just released a few days ago on SD

the dress on the catwalk
Those next 3 outfits was NOT made by me , i saw them on a blog (but i don't remember the blog's name) and i thought they looked pretty cool


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