How to spend your stardollars wisely

Sunday, February 14, 2010 0 Awesome Comments
Well, firstly if your going to buy something from the starplaza, you need to ask yourself if it's really worth it. You shouldn't buy things that you will like for a while and then you sell it for LESS! Also when yuo buy rare clothes, you need to know how much those clothes go for, if your buying something that is waaay to expensive then you should know that you won't be getting any bidders that will buy it for more. Only buy rare clothes for a large amount of sds if your a collector, if your just there to buy them and sell them then please look for clothes that aren't so expensive. Also, if you know that there is a high demand on a pair of clothes that you see in the starbazaar then you should buy it and sell it for more, that way you will be makiing money on clothes that shouldn't be paid for more than 60sds. Hope this helped and if you are now making alot of sds because of this then please tell us by writing us a comment:]

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