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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 0 Awesome Comments
Hey Im having a bidding for my old dkny and other rare clothing, if you want to buy it now, well here are the prices(btw they r high because they are very old and rare)
Hb purple tank:400
Le NEW dress:900
Le bag:500
Aurora dress:300
emerson jkt:SOLD to .bloom.!
suede boots:400
ruffel skirt:1800
dip dye:SOLD to ingridcita!
short sleeve:1200
broken dress:4500
heart ruffel dress:4000
pink sequin dress:900
grey flannel:900
sequin scarf:SOLD to 2sellers!
sequin tank:900
lip print blouse:SOLD to June_1218!
sequin tights:3500

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