Freebie: Austin & Ally

Monday, March 3, 2014 0 Awesome Comments
If you're from the UK, then follow the steps without using the proxy:
Copy & paste
Log in.
Copy & Paste
Once the page loads you should see this:
 To get the guitar you must the video below:

To get the t-shirt you must invite another player.
For that to happen, you must use a manual proxy:
IP:  port : 3128
IP:  port : 80
IP:  port: 3128
IP:  port: 3128
IP: port: 3128
IP: port: 3128

 Once you have chosen a proxy, you will need to copy and paste this link:

Than you should see this picture:

Scroll down and enter the contest by answering the question and you're done!

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