FREE Interior from Barbie Style Club!

Monday, February 10, 2014 2 Awesome Comments
Here is the free interior from Barbie Style Club that you can get without using a manual proxy.
1. If you lie in the UK, skip all the steps below and just log in and join The Barbie Style Club. 
2. Go to a UK SAFE proxy site such as, OR
3. Paste Barbie Style Club link in the proxy url bar. 
3. Click "Go"
4.You should be automatically joined to the club --in case you aren't:
Log out from stardoll on proxy, then re-login and try link again
If still doesn't work - Log out, Close proxy's internet tab/window, and Try the steps again. 
5. When you have joined the club, leave the club using this link:

Special Thanks to HTGF!

2 Awesome Comments:

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