New Collection: Callie's Picks No.8

Wednesday, January 29, 2014 3 Awesome Comments

A new collection has arrived from the shop
called Callie's Picks.
This is her 8th collection.
What do you guys think? I guess there won't
be any new Young Hollywood collection, since this was the
collection Stardoll was talking about yesterday.
Click here to go to the shop.

3 Awesome Comments:

  • PrincessFayth6 said...

    No they re-released the Mortal Kiss Ball Gown!!!! I thought Mortal Kiss would be rare. Although it's still the same price as when I got it during it's first release. Thank goodness it isn't the one that sparkles. It's one of my favorite items. :)

  • PrincessFayth6 said...

    Sorry to double post but they also re-released the Faith Hill Gown. Nooooo this is it's third Release and it's second re-release and the Grand Finale Gown and Forest Fairy gown where from Tingeling. The Fairy Dress was even a freebie at one point.

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