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Monday, September 2, 2013 0 Awesome Comments

If you are from the UK click here and enter the contest. For the rest of us... you will
need to use a manual proxy.

If you are from the UK click here and join the club. 
If you want to get the bandanna you need to invite a British friend to the club.
To get the feather click on the picture with the feather on it.
To receive the egg you need to search for 6 eggs all over Stardoll.
1st egg-Click here
2nd egg-Click here
3rd egg-Click here
4th egg-Click here
5th egg-Click here
6th egg-Click here

To receive the tiara download the app, the link to download it is on the club's presentation and click on "Get the App"

Web Proxy to get the feather and egg:

Copy and paste onto proxy's search engine:

Log into Stardoll.
Copy and paste onto proxy's web address:

Click on to get the feather.
And go to the 6 links to get the egg.

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