What are you selling? Stardoll Glitch? or Just My Laptop? xD

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
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Well, I went to my starbazaar today to sell something. Firstly, I noticed my doll was missing. Secondly, the items did not come up in my choice of what I was going to sell. Thirdly, when I put something up to sell, it didn't appear? I wasn;t sure if this was just another one of my laptop problems, so I asked my friend to go see what I was putting up for sale, just to check it wasn't anything I cared about loosing. But, she said she couldn't see it either :'/ So, is this just yet another Stardoll glitch, or just something that's on my laptop? I'm not sure what to think yet, if it turns out to just be me, I'll probably delete this post. Anyway, thanks for reading :]

-Sam ^^

5 Awesome Comments:

  • givemeantlers said...

    I can't see anything at all on stardoll right now. Not suites or beauty parlors, no clothes or anything in my starbazaar either. And this is on two different computers, three different browsers. I'm hoping this is all a glitch. ):

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