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Sunday, February 13, 2011 1 Awesome Comments
What you will need to use, in order, to create this going out look.
As you see below this is a random medoll I chose to create this look. She looks pretty bad right now, but she is going to be enhanced very soon.

The hairstyle I'm going to choose is the short curly one. I dont know what this style is called, but it looks vintage and fancyy.

You apply the blush, it's a rosy color one.
Add some eyeshadow(green)
Make sure you only add it to the upper and on the eyelid, like how it is shown on the pic.
Next, add some white eyeshadow to the corner of the eyes, so they can POP.
Furthermore, apply mascara, try to use both of the mascaras, so it can volumize your lashes.
After, place the white eyeliner just the same way you applied the white eyeshadow, this will create a more better effect to your eye. Adding the black eyeliner on and below the eye will increase the volume of the eyelashes.
Finally, your doll has been enhanced.

This last look is more for a girl's night out to the club or whatever.

First, add the white eyeshadow in the corner of the eyes.
Place, the teal eyeshadow on the lower and on the eyelid.
Take the white eyeliner and apply it on the corners on the eye.
Add mascare, always add mascara.
Next, take the shiny lipgloss and carefully place it on the lips, not leaving any evidence of the color of lips you have.
Add the blush on the sides of each cheek.
Your doll should end up looking like the picture above.

You're now one step closer to perfection.
In the next issure, we will have more techniques and other stuff for you to read.

If you're still reading this, then I'm glad, since I'm looking for more medolls to give makeovers to, on my next issues of this mag. So, if you are intrested then please post below, your username.
I will get back to you and tell you if your doll is right for my next issue.

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