$1 SS membership !!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010 2 Awesome Comments

To get this INCREDIBLE deal, you will need to have a non ss account with some starpoints and it has to be one that has never been ss(i think), also it has to be a member of stardoll for quite some time now.
Now if you have already logged into that non ss acc, it will pop out a message that says $1 SS membership, quickly add a NEW tab. In this NEW tab go to stardoll.com, then once it's there log out from your non ss acc (IN THE SECOND TAB ONLY) and quickly log into your ss acc. Finally go to the FIRST TAB and put down your cell number and click continue. Then follow the instructions it gives you and you will have the SS membership in no time:]
credit goes to Pretiest_Prepp

2 Awesome Comments:

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